Hurricane Harvey Assistance

From the Apartment Butler team, our hearts go out to the city of Houston, Greater Houston areas, as well as everyone statewide affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas with a massive hurricane, floods, and tornadoes. The powerful storm left many without a home and many with a flooded community. This storm in Houston and other parts in Texas has been nothing that we have ever seen before.

We personally want to thank all of our first responders, the city, police/firefighters, the community, people who came from out of town, the media and volunteers. This is the time, as a community, we must stick together and give back. This is our community and our people need help.

If you are in need of assistance, here is a list of shelters in the Houston area.

If you are looking for ways to donate, the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund is now set up by Houston’s mayor, Sylvester Turner, and administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation. To donate or volunteer, find more information here and here. 


Three Reasons Why You Will Enjoy Your Next Staycation in Houston

Often times we always are trying to quickly escape from our daily routine by visiting a new state or country. But sometimes taking a plane to your next dream destination may not be an option, but because you live in one of the most diverse, biggest cities in the land your party train does not have to stop! Below we will tell you three reasons why you will enjoy your next staycation in Houston.

1. Play A Tourist in Your Own Town

If you are Houstonian, you may get warped into your daily routine with a nice dosage of traffic on the side. By doing a staycation, you are able to enjoy a side to Houston you may not have seen before. See a nice play, dine at a fine restaurant, stay at that super glam hotel you’ve been eyeing, enjoy new events and more!

2. Save Money

No worries about finding a cheap airfare, car rental deals or filling up at the pump!

3. Your Body Will Truly Thank You

Anytime I am on vacation, I want to do as many activities as I possibly can without really taking the opportunity to relax. A staycation can be more restorative on your body, by giving you the opportunity to relax and take a mind break.

Have you ever taken a staycation? If so, what was your experience? Tell us in the comment section below.



Top Workout Studios in Houston For The Summer

Just because it is summer, does not mean it is too late for you to achieve ideal your summer body.

If you find yourself bored of your mundane routine at your local gym, we have included our top workout studios in Houston for the summer to help motivate, inspire and encourage you to achieve your perfect bod for the sunny season.

ROW Studios

Located in the Weslayan Plaza, this innovative workout studio is a sure way to increase your endurance, strength and mobility.

Website: https://www.rowstudios.com/


This well-rounded studio offers pilates, yoga, spinning, personal training, nutrition counseling and more for attendees of the club.

Website: http://www.timberlinefitness.com/


Ready to get the carved body you want? Visit Sculpt! Workouts include: pilates reformer, resistance training, interval training and flexline.

Website: https://www.studiosculpt.com/


Coined “a true H-TOWN gym” by one reviewer, this gym includes group classes and personal training to get you quickly to the summer body you want!

Website: http://www.egofitnessstudios.com/


Gardening Tips for Your Apartment

Do you live in an apartment and want to put your green thumb to use? Well, we at Apartment Butler have the perfect guide for you!

Living in an apartment can be the perfect time to become a gardening pro, but many of us have the perception that due to us not having a big backyard that we cannot have a garden – not true. Check out our pro tips on how to get your garden started for you abode.

Decide Where You Want to Have Your Garden

Consider where in your apartment you have a lot of sunlight- such as a window seal or a patio. If you do not have either, search for a nearby community garden. Community gardens are a great alternative for those who might be lacking space in their apartment

At the community garden, you can meet people with similar interest, meet folks who live in the same area, and learn more about gardening.

Start Simple

Since you are just starting your garden you want to make sure you have a solid foundation with gardening. Start with items that do better in smaller containers, such as herbs and mints. Also, these plants can grow year-round in your window area.

Get Excited

The easiest way to get about your new garden is to see big things growing. Put tomatoes, peppers and strawberries on your list. Each item is super easy to grow and are fun to watch grow big.

Be Beautiful

Spruce up your space with flowers that provide lots of color!

Receive Oxygen At Your Fingertips

Do you still feel that you don’t have what it takes to have the green thumb? Start of with houseplants! Houseplants have many benefits to them, including: provide oxygen, filter air and give a relaxing/homely feel to your apartment.

Starting your garden today is a win/win. Gardening helps to provide a relief from stress, save money, promote mindfulness, patience, ward of memory loss and more. Thinking about starting your garden this week? Tell us in the comment section below what plant or flower you will start your garden?




Things to Do in Houston This Summer

Summer is right around the corner and with the summer comes fun adventures to do in your city, great food to try and new places to see. To help you explore the summer in Houston, we have included the top places to try. Check it out!

Mueck - Mask IIMega people are coming! Ron Mueck Exhibit

Ready to see something completely new, eerie and breathtaking…? Visit the Museum of Fine Arts new Ron Mueck exhibit. This new attraction includes mega life-size sculptures. Photo credit: mfah.org

Baliar! Latin Beats

Friday nights at the Downtown Aquarium features free salsa dance lessons from professional dancers, salsa music & live DJ, live band last Friday of each month and tasty food and drinks.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! OKRA Charity Saloon

Seeking a chic happy hour place that is classy yet fun at the same time? Go to the OKRA Charity Saloon downtown! The awesome aspect of this venue is that they donate 100% of their proceeds to a local charity every month.

PS- Each weekday 4-6:30 pm features happy hour and the $3 fernot shots are always a big hit!

Classic music with ExxonMobil Summer Symphony Nights

Enjoy classic music at the Miller Outdoor during June 23-24, June 30, July 4 kicking off at 8:30 pm.

To be or not to be…Shakespeare Festival

Enjoy Shakespeare in the park July 28, 29, 30 and August 1 -6. Each performance begins at 8:15 pm at the Miller Outdoor Theater.

What summer adventures will you explore in Houston?


5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a New Apartment

It is that time of year again…your lease may have ended with one apartment complex and you are ready to move on. But after all the Google searching and apartment research, you may find yourself tired and not thinking of everything that you need to ask while hunting. That is why we have decided to compose a short, must-ask list for your next apartment hunting excursion.

1. What fees should you expect month

Get the leasing staff to print out and date all the fees you all discussed verbally.

2. Parking for the community

Do you need a parking pass? Do your guests need a parking pass? If people are staying with you for days at a time, what should you expect at your new community.

3. Moving Notice

How many days in advance do you need to give them before you move out.

4. What is the pet policy?

Ask what are the fees attached? What is the policy for pets in your community? Do they allow larger pets?

5. Repairs

How are emergency repairs handled at the community? What is the turnaround time? How do you submit a request?


How often does the community change rent prices and fees? This is a question that you want to ask in the beginning. If you may be planning on staying in your community for a while it is best to know up front what you may be expected to pay.



Best Dog Friendly Spots in Houston by Apartment Butler

Houston is the one of the best cities to take your furry pal around with you, but sometimes you may not know which places are dog friendly. To help you with your quest, we have included our top three best dog friendly spots in Houston.

  1. Kirby Ice House– Located in the upper Kirby area, this spacious local spot features an outside patio that is perfect for your doggie to enjoy the sun. Address: 3333 Eastside St, Houston, TX 77098
  2. Revelry on Richmond – One of Houstonian’s favorites, this upscale sports bar features tasty happy hours and a great atmosphere. Address: 1613 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006.
  3. Boheme – Seeking cool vibes, large patio, friendly staff and speciality drinks…visit Boheme! Located in Montrose, this swanky bar features daily themes and a good time. Address: 307 Fairview Ave, Houston, TX 77006-3001. 


Where is your favorite dog friendly spot in Houston? Tell us in the comment section below!



(Photo credit: BarBoheme.com)

DIY Stain Remover That Works!

Staining a shirt is the inevitable, no matter how hard you try you get a stain in your shirt – and not the kind that can just go away with cold water and a towel but the kind that is here to stay. If you are like me that stain can run the course of that items’ lifetime in my closet. I will either put it in the ‘wear around the house’ pile or in the donations pile.

I have tried many methods of getting a stain out. I have tried soaking the shirt, rubbing the household product SHOUT, I’ve tried vinegar, petroleum jelly, etc; but nothing seemed to work.

My friend, who is DIY queen, loves to spend hours and hours on Pinterest and she found this recipe that has worked for every stain I have thrown its way.


  1. Hydrogen peroxide
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Dawn Dish Soap


Mix 1tbsp of baking soda, 5 tbsp of Dawn dish soap, and 7 tbsp of the hydrogen peroxide into a bowl, let it sit out for 10-15 minutes. Once the mix has had an opportunity to sit, put it in a spray bottle and apply the spray mix to the stain, rub it in and let it sit and watch it disappear!

Once it finishes place it in the washer and wash as normal.

Tell us how you remove your pesky stains in the comment section below!


Three Ways To Celebrate The First Day of Spring

Finally, we reached the first day of Spring. To help you bring in the Spring correct way we have included three ways to celebrate the first of Spring.

  1. Get out and smell the flowers – What better way to enjoy longer daylight than to get outside and smell the flowers? Yesterday, I was walking and I noticed I never stop to enjoy the flowers. To help me feel “springy” I took a moment to look at the flowers and just enjoy the outdoors.
  2. Be more active – Go for a jog, play volleyball outside, play with your friends outside. We are supposed to get between 30-45 minutes outside. What better way than in the springtime? Enjoy the weather now before the summer. Spending time outside is the easiest way to be put in a great mood.
  3.  Try to take cold showers – Cold showers help to increase alertness and eases stress. It will be hard at first to take cold showers, but after a while your body will get used to it.

How are you enjoying the first day of Spring? Tell us in the comment section below!

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