General FAQ

No. We work with your apartment community to gain access to your unit. This arrangement makes booking especially easy if you are stuck at work or can’t make it home.

Travel compensation might becharged to your account or withheld from a refund in order to pay our Service Providers for their travel and set up time. Travel compensation is ONLY assessed in situation where a customer’s action or inaction prevents the delivery of service i.e. unit locked from the inside, un-contained animal during housekeeping, declined service at the door, no laundry left for pick up, pet not home, changed locks and didn’t inform office, etc.

Travel compensation will NOT be applied if your Community’s Office, a Third Party, or Apartment Butler has caused your service to be un-deliverable.

Travel compensation is as follows: Dry Cleaning = $12; Housekeeping = $35; Pet Care = 100% of the Price

Our Dog Walkers and Housekeepers get to spend more time working and less time driving. That means more money in your pocket, more time doing what you love, and less stress. We partner with local, established Pet Care & Housekeeping companies to provide high quality, personalized Service. For more information, email us at info@apartmentbutler.com

Yes! Your personal referral code is shown in your app in the “My Rewards” section. Have your friends enter the code at signup, and you will both earn $20 in credit. You will see your credit appear after your friend makes their first booking.

Pet Sitting FAQ

Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation email summarizing your booking. You can view all of your current and future bookings in the My Bookings menu within the app. Shortly after the walk, you will receive a text with a picture of your dog, a bathroom update date and any behavior issues.

Every Apartment Butler community has a primary pet care partner who oversees all pet care. While we strive for consistency with our pets but we hope that all of our pets to get to know each Pet Sitter for our furry friends' socialization.

No. Our two-hour and three-hour time windows during the morning and afternoon are set up to allow efficient and flexible scheduling.

Our Pet Professionals are on site most days so feel free to say hi if you see them. If you can’t seem to find them, then send us an email at service@apartmentbutler.com and we will let you know when they are on site next or we will work with you to schedule a Meet & Greet.

Our pet sitters go through a rigorous screening process, including a background check, and extensive onboarding. They are also fully bonded and insured.

Our Pet Services are designed as individual or single household walks. We may do group walks by special request and on a case by case basis.

Yes, you can cancel your Pet Sitting service, in the app, until 5pm on the day before your service. For all cancellations after 5pm on the day before your service, email service@apartmentbutler.com and a 50% credit will be applied to your account. Cancellations made after the start of your service window will forfeit all fees paid..

A tip is not expected.

Housekeeping FAQ

Basic Cleaning

  • Dust Window Sills and Edges
  • Dust wall Hangings and Light Switches
  • Dust Furniture and lamps
  • Light dusting of picture frames and knickknacks on furniture
  • Clean TV Screens
  • Remove Cobwebs (if reachable)
  • Pick Up and Straighten
  • Make Beds
  • Change Linens (if left on the bed)
  • Clean Bed’s front and back base boards
  • Vacuum Carpeting
  • Vacuum and Mop floors
  • Dust Ceiling Fans (if reachable with our duster)
  • Empty Wastebaskets
  • Dust Blinds (but not individually)
  • Dust Baseboards
  • Clean Glass Patio Door or/and Entry Door
  • Sofa’s cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened
  • Clean door frames
  • Clean under furniture and beds (We do not move furniture but will do our best to reach under raised furniture.

Deep Cleaning

  • Dust/wipe lampshades
  • Every knicknack individually cleaned
  • Vacuum under the bed
  • Special attention to vacuuming corners
  • Sanitize wastebaskets
  • Vacuum furniture and upholstery

Basic Cleaning

  • Clean and Disinfect Tubs and Showers
  • Clean and Disinfect Toilets inside/out, including base and behind
  • Clean Sinks, Counters and back splashes
  • Clean Mirrors and Polish Chrome
  • Sweep or Vacuum Floors
  • Mop Floors
  • Dust Wall Hangings
  • Dust and Clean Furniture
  • Clean door from both sides and door frames
  • Cabinets fronts hand wiped

Deep Cleaning

  • Tile Grout scrubbed
  • Shower Door Given Extra Attention
  • Outside of cabinets washed

Basic Cleaning

  • Clean and Sanitize Sinks
  • Wipe Down Countertops and black splashes
  • Load but not start Dishwater (if empty)
  • Cabinets fronts hand wipe
  • Clean Appliances Exteriors (Oven, dishwasher, refrigerator)
  • Polish stainless steel appliances
  • Microwave inside and out
  • Small appliances wiped
  • Sweep/Vacuum and Mop Floors
  • Clean furniture, tables and chairs

Deep Cleaning

  • Inside dishwasher cleaned
  • Outside of cabinets washed
  • Extra attention to kitchen surfaces
  • Inside of Range Hood cleaned

Basic Cleaning

  • Under furniture/sofas (only what the vacuum can reach)
  • Laundry or Fold/Hang any clothes, towels, bed sheets
  • Windows
  • Walls
  • Inside Cabinets (including China cabinets)
  • Inside Closets (We will vacuum or mop if empty)
  • Any outside areas (we will clean the front and back door)
  • Move Heavy furniture (including beds, mattresses, chest drawers, etc.)
  • Dishes (dishes will be placed inside the dishwasher if it is empty, but we do not hand wash).
  • We do not remove books from bookshelves
  • We do not climb higher than a 1-step stool. Higher items will be dusted with an extension duster if reachable
  • For health reasons, we will not clean blood, feces, vomit or urine from neither humans nor animals

We partner with local professional cleaning services to make sure you get a great cleaning.

No. Our Morning and Afternoon time windows are set up to allow efficient and flexible scheduling.

You can be home if you like, but most customers prefer to give our cleaners room to work.

A tip is not expected.

You can cancel your Housekeeping booking, in the app, until 5pm on the day before your service.

Our Basic Cleaning is designed for apartments that have been professionally cleaned in the last 2-3 weeks. If it has been 3 weeks or more since your last cleaning, our Basic Cleaning might not bring your home back to it's peak level of cleanliness.

We recommend customers pick up any large amounts of clothes, shoes, clutter, etc. before the housekeepers arrive. We are not asking you to clean, that is our job, but we want to make sure our housekeepers concentrate on cleaning and not organizing.

Additionally, it is important that you inform us of any security, pet, or access precautions we should take or any other specifics about your household. Please provide any comments in to the app upon booking or email us any time at service@apartmentbutler.com.

No, we will provide all the necessary supplies. However, if you have special products you would like for us to use, we will be happy to use your supplies if left on the counter with a note.

We do not offer partial unit cleanings.

Please select the unit size that is closest to the room and bath count of your home. If you do not believe that there is an accurate comparison in our current selection, please email us at service@apartmentbutler.com for assistance. Studies should be considered an additional room & Studio Apartments should be a 1 BED 1 BATH.

We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service. If you feel like the quality of the job was not what you expected, please email us at service@apartmentbutler.com within 24 hours, and we will re-do our missed items for no extra charge.

We try to be pet friendly; however, we have certain requirements to safeguard our pets and housekeepers. We ask that you please separate all animals (except for cats) from the housekeeper prior to arrival or while they are cleaning by kenneling or removing the animal from the apartment. Our housekeepers will not be able to clean if a unsecured animal is present in the unit.

Our housekeepers always take the necessary precautions to avoid any incidents at your home and we carry insurance to give you that peace of mind. If you have any sentimental value items that you consider irreplaceable, please put them away the day of the cleaning.

For each unit size and cleaning package, we have a maximum man-hour allotment to complete our checklist. In some cases, we may not be able to complete our checklist in the allotted time. If this happens, we will notify you immediately upon completing your cleaning.

BASIC Clean Package

Unit Size Average Time Maximum Time
1 BED 1 BATH 1-2 Hours 2:15 Hours
2 BED 1 BATH 1-2 Hours 2:15 Hours
2 BED 2 BATH 1-2 Hours 2:30 Hours
2 BED 2.5 BATH 2-3 Hours 2:45 Hours
3 BED 2 BATH 2-3 Hours 3:00 Hours
3 BED 3 BATH 2-3 Hours 3:15 Hours

DEEP Clean Package

Unit Size Average Time Maximum Time
1 BED 1 BATH 1-3 Hours 3:15 Hours
2 BED 1 BATH 1-3 Hours 3:15 Hours
2 BED 2 BATH 2-3 Hours 3:30 Hours
2 BED 2.5 BATH 2-3 Hours 3:45 Hours
3 BED 2 BATH 2-4 Hours 4:00 Hours
3 BED 3 BATH 2-4 Hours 4:15 Hours

If Apartment Butler cannot access your unit because of an issue with our operations or because of an issue with your community then we will offer you the option to reschedule your service for a day when access is available, or process a refund if fees were paid – no travel compensation will apply.

If we cannot gain access to a unit because of your action/inaction, then we will offer you the option to reschedule within the next 7 business days– no travel compensation will apply if you reschedule.

If you choose not to reschedule within the next 7 business days or we do not receive a reply, then we will assess travel compensation. For more, see FAQ in the General Section “What is Travel Compensation?” above.